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IMG_3190Welcome! We are a family of five that will forever be changed by one little boy.  Alex is my second born. He came 12 minutes after his twin sister, and he is awesome.  He was a happy baby.  He slept through the night at just three months.  He smiled, laughed, rarely cried unless he was hungry, and my husband Matt and I were exhausted parents.  Then six months came and went.  Alex’s sister, Elle, was rolling over and starting to sit up on her own.  She said daddy and mommy.  She hit all the milestones a kid should hit, and Alex stayed put.  At one, he still didn’t talk nor walk.  At two, we were still in the same place.   He was sitting up and walking with support of a hand or a table, but was definitely delayed.  We saw every specialist known to man and then some.  I started to call them “wait and see” doctors or “most kid” doctors because we were getting nowhere fast.  He was given a blanket diagnosis of static encephalopathy (severe developmental delays) from our neurologist, and we started therapy. We prayed constantly for answers and help.

After a tethered spinal cord repair at the age of two and a half, Alex started to walk on his own!  He got stronger, and his balance and coordination improved quickly after through the use of horse therapy and physical therapy. He went through extensive feeding therapy to help him learn to chew his food and swallow without choking. We continue to see a speech therapist and occupational therapist.  We still need work with fine motor skills, and Alex is still non-verbal. He communicates through gestures (not sign) and his augmentative and alternative communication device (AAC) with an app called LAMP through Words for Life (Language Acquisition through Motor Planning).

Alex and Elle also have a younger sister.  He is so lucky because he has two sisters that care deeply about him.  They protect him and care for him the way a mom would.  They are my world, and what a world it is.

The reason for this blog and these videos came to me after thoughtful prayer.  I am a jr. high school English teacher in the great state of Texas.  I have my undergrad in education from Texas Tech University and my Masters of Education from Texas Wesleyan University.  I am a life long learner. I was called to teach. I love being able to share my gift with my students.  I am an athlete and coach as well, so when I started to see the milestones come and go with Alex, I got to work.  I am active in all of Alex’s therapies, and I take their teachings home with me. We work on skills every day in various ways through our play.  We have experienced many physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, food therapists, behavior therapists, developmental pediatricians, neurologists, acupuncturists, holistic medical doctors, sensory clinics, and I’m sure I am leaving something out.  We have battled insurance with many of these, and I just started to think about all the parents I have met that don’t have insurance, time and resources to get their kids the help they desperately need.

So, why not share the knowledge I have gained through 10 years of daily struggle, setbacks, and life with a special needs kid.  I am not a licensed therapist.  Alex is in therapy, and he will be in therapy for life.  I would not replace any of the professional woman that we work with weekly, but I also know that only one day a week is not enough.  He needs to work constantly to see changes and results.  We make play time, therapy time. We make grocery shopping, therapy time.  We make waiting in the doctor’s office for hours, therapy time…and why not let you experience that with us.  You can make every day a therapy day too!

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