I am not a licensed therapist, and I do not claim to be one.  I am a licensed teacher and coach.  I am a mother of a special needs kid.  I live this life with my special needs son.  Everything on this website is from personal experience and personal knowledge gained from trained therapists, coaches, special education teachers, and countless hours of research. Please proceed with caution.  Please try these things at your own risk.  I do not accept responsibility if you fail at implementing the task appropriately.  I do not accept responsibility if you do not see results. We have done countless hours of therapy that results in zero gains (and sometimes even setbacks).

With that said, I hope you can gain some knowledge and insight on how you can help your kid, student, peer, friend, etc.

I hope you take a risk every once in a while and stop pretending that you know it all.  I have a motto in life.  It I was lead somewhere or told something, it is the workings of God.  He is bringing it in my life right now for a reason.  I will always take advice and suggestions into consideration because it just might help my son.

As Unless said in the Lorax “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”

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